Presentation Title: OBIEE Security: It's A Jungle Out There
Speaker: Mr Gianni Ceresa
Company: DATAlysis
Co-presenter: Christian Berg - Dimensionality
Presentation abstract: There will be a 10 minute UKOUG Welcome Video between 08:50 - 09:00 follwed by this session

OBIEE developer or administrator, manager, or user - the security of the data displayed as well as the functionality available is the most crucial thing to get right. Whether on OBIEE 11g or 12c, security is all too often the same story: Sounds simple, but many developers underestimate the complexity of a coherent, comprehensive, and successful system-wide security strategy.

Often the final solution is a mix of simple or no security and complex "tactical" solutions (hacks), and each new additional project just adds more chaos.

In this session, we will discuss in detail the different security layers of OBIEE (RPD, Presentation Service, and Catalog), and a standard and universal approach will be offered. This solution is able to match most requirements while remaining flexible enough to be extended for the most extreme needs. From the small departmental setup to a full corporate BI solution: a single model to rule them all.

Presentation begins: 05/12/2016 08:50
Presentation duration: 60
Presentation content level: 3 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: Beginner/Exploratory
Audience function: Management, Product Expert, Product User, Systems Architect
Speaker biography:  Gianni Ceresa is an OBIEE enthusiast more widely interested in BI/DW/EPM solutions with a special focus on Oracle products and solutions. Currently working for DATAlysis, his own consulting company in Switzerland, he was a Principal Consultant at Rittman Mead for more than three years, covering positions such as architect, analyst, team lead and developer, bridging together the business and the technical side of the BI world. Gianni previously has had four years of experience in EPM/BI with Hyperion/Oracle products for consultancy companies and before that explored all the possible aspects of web development during five years in multiple roles from Developer to CTO.
Related topics: Business Analytics & Data Visualisation: Compliance, Audit & Security, Business Analytics & Data Visualisation: OBI 11g (Foundation Suite/Enterprise Edition), Business Analytics & Data Visualisation: OBI 12c, Business Analytics & Data Visualisation: Process & Method
Hall: Executive Room 5

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